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It is with great pleasure that we invite you our dear music lover to participate in a special musical event namely the 50th anniversary of our beloved hifi equipment maker Accuphase.

Proudly made in Japan, by audiophiles for audiophiles…

Accuphase products are hand made in small quantities with a very high standard and with a philosophy of evolutionary improvements, carefully implemented.

To celebrate this 50 year milestone a special product has been done namely their first integrated class A amp with a power of… yes 50 watts !!

You might think 50 watts? Is that all?
But then you better not underestimate ’Accuphase 50 watts…’
Their Class A products perform way above their nominal rating and will drive easily quite big loads… thanx to their massive toroidal power supply and quality build.

Exaggeration is not in their lexicon… Just the facts.
That is partly the reason for their devote share of customers who will not change to another brand, just sometimes upgrade within Accuphase.

So we are proud to invite you to experience 50 years of know how

As the current situation does not allow us to make a big show, which we intended at the beginning of the year… with Kodo drummers and Sushi with Sake.

We will gladly do it in a VPI manner, a “Very Private Initiative

The private show goes ahead in 2 different places at the same period, namely our brand new store in Turnhout where we moved to in just ahead of the pandemic… The set there is with the:

  • Accuphase E800 in the drivers seat
    • With the DP430 CD player
    • Streaming by Nad Master series M50
    • Soulines Dostoyevsky turntable
    • cabling by Audioquest
    • Speakers the Bowers & Wilkins mighty 800D3 Signature edition!!!
    (only sample in the whole universe !!!)

We also would like to announce in première at Turnhout :

Bowers & Wilkins 702 Signature !

At the same time in our new store in Uccle, Brussels:

  • Accuphase E800 main attraction !!
    • with the DP430 CD player
    • Aurender NH 100 streaming
    • Preaudio Turntable 1800
    • cabling by Wireworld
    • speakers Martin Logan ESL 15 or Vivid Gya 3Second set:
    • Accuphase E650
    • Hegel Mohican CD player
    • streaming by Lumin `
    • cabling by  Kimber
    • speakers B&W 802 D3
    • PMC FACT 8

We will gladly demonstrate you these exceptional products in a relaxing, quiet and private sphere, all we ask to please fix a listening session with us by sending us an e- mail upon which we will contact you to arrange for a convenient time.
For a listen in Turnhout please mail to Guy:
Sint-Antoniusstraat 11, 2300 Turnhout  I  +32 (0)14 70 88 88

For a session in Brussels please mail to Daniel:
rue Joseph Bens 21, 1180 Brussels (Uccle)  I  +32 (0)2 644 48 44

We will try to accomodate your timing & will be proud to show you why Accuphase deserves your attention and has forever earned their sterling reputation.
Up towards the next 50 years !!

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