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Our Story

High fidelity done with passion

Where does the “High end” fit in our approach? Definitely not in our attitude which is rather open minded, friendly

and open to all music lovers regardless of budget. The term High end issued purely to differentiate us from the watered-down term’ High fidelity ‘where anything from a flimsy Bluetooth speaker to a lousy headphone is called Hifi.

Passion for good sound is inspiring us to constantly investigate, test and retest various combinations, constantly evaluating differences in equipment be it amps, cables speakers etc. The result is a giant collection of fine gear with a heavy tilt to the purely musical …

However, we must warn you our passion is contagious !

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Good deals

To help our customers in trading uncertain of their used equipment, Alpha has a possibility to put used equipment in consignment.

These goods are not from Alpha & we are only acting as middlemen.

These products are generally in very good condition and we are convinced that they can give a second owner much pleasure!

Generally, we offer a 30-day warranty, unless explicitly mentioned otherwise; these products are located in our Antwerp store and a visual and listening are surely possible!

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