ūüėĄ ¬†Happy news !!

As announced by the governement we can finally reopen… We missed you !

In February we still sent all of you a double invitation to our musical event with a British input namely top products from Chord Electronics and PMC Loudspeakers.

There is a saying “the show must go on“… but if anything this pandemic has tought us to be more humble in such assumptions. It is quite obvious that a lot has changed in the world on all aspects, however maybe this too became quite clear; music helped us all in the time spent in solitude.

For music lifts the spirit and gives us the will to continue, praying and hoping for better times to come. In this vein, we came up with the following idea : the

“VPI show”¬†namely the¬†“Very Private Initiative Show”

We see it as follows, we organise during a whole week 3 different sessions per day with a strict minimum of listeners, so they can be seated safely with proper social distancing. Obviously we also provide masks, disinfectant/soap. But most important we provide a top musical, relaxing two hours with an exceptional highend system, in premiere in Belgium.

In the current situation traveling might be quite a challenge. However let us invite you on a cruise in the wonderful music of the world. All you need you to do, is indicate the the most convenient date & session time for you, how many people of your close entourage will want to join (those that can sit next to you safely) and we will confirm your reservation. Kindly give us an alternative 2 possibilities in case that the one you prefer is fully booked.

As always entrance is free, there will be enough parking space in Brasschaat as always, right in front of the shop. In brussels there are about 7 parking spaces right in the entrance courtyard, so that should be sufficience.

We really look forward seeing you & sailing together in the beautiful sea of music, with the good grace of the lord !

Sammy, Chris, Daniel & the Alpha team.


The full description of what you can expect: :
Ultima pre + mono power amps (silver finish)
Dave Flagship reference DAC / Blu MK2 upscaling CD transport
Innuos streaming / server
Tellurium Black cables (Brasschaat) / Wireworld Eclipse Gold (Brussels)
*PMC FENESTRIA loudspeakers

And if possible… yet another set up, upon availability…!




Bredabaan 1031, 2930 Brasschaat (Maria ter heide)
Session 1 : 10:15 Р12:15    Session 2 : 13:30 Р15:30    Session 3 : 16:30 Р18:30
Friday 15 May, Saturday 16 May, Sunday 17 May, Monday 18 May, Tuesday 19 May, Wednesday 20 May, Thursday 21 May (session 1&2)


Rue Joseph Bens 21, 1080 Brussel (Ukkel)
Session 1 : 10:15 Р12:15    Session 2 : 13:30 Р15:30    Session 3 : 16:30 Р18:30
Friday 22 May, Saturday closed, Sunday 24 May, Monday 25 May, Tuesday 26 May, Wednesday 27 May, Thursday 28 May (session 1&2)


Bookings only by
We will confirm your choice asap.