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You will gather from our site that we are quite passionate in our musical lives, but nothing is as a real as a live meeting, we will share gladly with you this passion and we are quite convinced you will like our laid-back attitude, where music is a method of relaxation and pressure anathema to the full enjoyment of music!

Discussing all facets of this fascinating hobby is something we do with pleasure!

Weather you would want to ask us something about the latest network, streaming, or good old-fashioned analog vinyl evolution, we really love it, so do not hesitate.

If you would like to experience something firsthand, we have a very large palette of top products to demonstrate, compare and enjoy, just mail or call us & we will make time for you.

You can use this form, just fill in where your interest lies, and we will get you set up Asap!

Naturally ‘no stress at Alpha’

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Pelikaanstraat 126,
2018 Antwerpen
+32 (0)3 232 55 63


Bredabaan 1031,
2930 Brasschaat
+32 (0)3 653 51 01


Rue Joseph Bens 21,
1180 Brussels (Uccle/Ukkel)
+32 (0)2 644 48 44


St. Antoniusstraat 15,
2300 Turnhout
+32 (0)14 70 88 88