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Gazet van Antwerpen announces the opening of the new store Alpha High End Turnhout

By 28 April 2020 No Comments

Alpha wants to open “the most beautiful audio shop in Belgium” after the Corona crisis.

Alpha High End must postpone opening.

The grand reopening of the Turnhout store Alpha High End, specialising in audio and video material, has been postponed.

“Sorry, but we’re receiving great, hopeful reactions from customers,” say the owners.

Three years ago Alpha High End, together with interior design store Villa Magna, opened its doors on Sint Antoniusstraat. “Our target audience overlaps, people who are building a new building or renovating a house can immediately record image and sound in their interior design,” says Guy Van Deun, who runs the shop together with Peter Janssens. “In the meantime Candy Factory has taken our place and we have moved to the former shop of Villa Magna. This new location is larger and has better acoustics”.

The arrival of a special Japanese amplifier inspired Guy and Peter to plan an oriental tinted opening party or Thursday April 16th. “We were particularly proud that perhaps the most beautiful audio store in Belgium opened its doors in Turnhout. Japanese drummers came to perform and for the customers there was Japanese food and drink. For the time being, we called it all off while the renovation of course meant a substantial investment. We now hope that we can reopen as soon as possible”.

“It’s a pity that we will be quiet for a while, but we have a specific and loyal audience. The cool reactions of our customers are encouraging”, the owners know. Alpha also has branches in Brussels, Antwerp and Braaschaat.