Acoustic solid WTB313 12″

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Acoustic solid WTB313 12″

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Acoustic solid WTB313 12″ : Tonearm

design principle  

Radial tone arm horizontally and vertically with Swiss precision steel balls ,
bearing play both horizontally / vertically adjustable
Side damper
tube Airplane aluminum polished by hand, headshell and all attachments

offset angle 17.3 °
angular distance between the tonearm axis and the pickup system
Tonabnehergewicht 8 – 25 g
mounting pitch 287 mm
distance between plate axis and tonearm pivot
Effective length 302.9 mm
distance between tonearm pivot and pickup tip
overhang 15.9 mm
distance between pickup tip and plate axis
signal cable XLR available on request without interruption with RCA plugs
Tonarmaufnahmebohrung 30 mm
Arm weight 290 g
counterweight 152 g
Total weight 442 g