GRYPHON Antileon

Gryphon Antelion, high end power amplifier with 2 x 100 watts Class A


Model:                Gryphon Antelion

Dimensions:     56,5x25x60 cm (LxHxP),

56,5x25x65 cm (LxHxP), avec poignées

Weight:              ca. 80 kg

Color:                  Black


  • Fully balanced circuit 2 x 100 Watts per Channel Pure Class A
  • 40 High current bipolar output transistors
  • 280.000 µF power capacitor bank
  • Flat frequency response to beyond 250kHz
  • Gryphon Guideline MK 2 solid silver internal wiring
  • Minimum negative feedback
  • Custom-built separate toroidal transformers
  • Shielded, epoxy damped transformer housing
  • Separate power supply for display and control circuits
  • Custom-built power capacitors
  • No output relays
  • User-programmable Green Class A bias
  • Class A status display
  • AC voltage status display
  • Frequency-independent damping factor
  • Rigid mechanical structure
  • Comprehensive, non-invasive protection system
  • Double sealed, mil spec PCB with 105 mµ copper traces