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Yin & Yang Show

By 1 November 2021No Comments

Light & Dark , Fire &Water , Woman & Man…

In ancient Chinese philosophy the on first impression oppositional forces are in reality complementary ,and reinforce each other.

In good Alpha tradition, we would like to entertain you with a musical event where we would like to present the Yin & Yang in todays musical world Analog versus Digital! We shall use the brand new Naim Solstice, their first turntable… versus the top of Naim’s streaming unit, the 555.  Both connected to the Naim Statement set and coupled to the exquisite Marten Coltrane loudspeakers.

It was quite a surprise that Naim decided to launch their first turntable as we all came to associate this illustrious brand with top digital cd players, then fabulous streaming devices. But a turntable? The recent resurgence in Vinyl definitely has some impact on this decision , mind you. Naim did analog with the Aro arm for the LP12… but a complete ‘rig‘? So here we are, gladly inviting you to see where it is at… Yin the dark… the black gold versus the Yang the light… the shiny digits…

As always, no sales talk just glorious music, if it is available on vinyl & on line… yes we can play and compare.

So for all the Yins and Yangs out there, please come… fun guaranteed!



November 20th and 21st 2021
From 10am to 6pm, free entrance, parking available
Bredabaan 1031, Brasschaat
Phone: 03-653 51 01

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