Burmester 032 Integrated Amplifier

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Burmester 032 Integrated Amplifier


Burmester 032 Integrated Amplifier : Integrated Amplifier

The 032 Integrated Amplifier offers a wide variety of connectivity that far exceeds the normal range of integrated amplifiers. A PRE OUT output, for example, allows the connection of a separate power amplifier or the central volume control of different listening zones within a multi-room application. With its mighty 650 VA power supply the 032 Integrated Amplifier effortlessly delivers continuous high current in order to perfectly control even large speakers with low impedance and complex loads. Excellent special resolution and musicality are the hallmarks of the 032

The chrome plate with the controls has been set into the front of the heat sinks. A solid middle plate has been machined from 25 mm thick brass. It surrounds the display and insulates it effectively from all external influence. It also prevents unwanted interferences from radiating to the signal-carrying parts of the amplifier. The big solid tuning knob raises and lowers the volume in both channels identically via an incremental control which is far superior to conventional potentiometers.

Like all Burmester amplifiers the 032 has to pass a number of stringent tests.
Even though we use only the very best component parts, we measure and select pairs of every part by computer. After they have been assembled into modules each module is checked in a reference setup.

After rough assembly each unit is subjected to a battery of app. 300 computer-aided tests to ensure its compliance with the reference prototype. After that the unit is burnt in at no- minal load for a week, after which it is tested again. Only if the second set of measurements is identical to the first will the unit be released for final assembly. Only by this arduous pro- cess can we make sure that each 032 fulfills our promise of high reliability. The final check before packing and shipping is a thorough listening test.

The 032 offers balanced circuit design and is completely DC coupled. There are no distor- ting coupling capacitors in the signal path. An intelligent protection circuit outside of the signal path monitors the working condition for overheating, DC offset and overloading.

A special feature of the 032 is its extremely high damping factor. This high damping factor in connection with the capability to quickly deliver very large currents (rise time at 4Ω is only 1.5 μS) give the amp a wide response and the ability to effortlessly control virtually any loudspeaker over its full frequency range. With its mighty 650 VA power supply the 032 is able to deliver continuous high currents and thus drive speakers with low impedance and complex loads. The large external heat sinks in typical Burmester design provide optimal cooling. The frequency response is practically load-independent. The sound of the 032 is characterized by excellent spatial resolution, natural musical warmth and negligible distor- tion.

The transistors of the output stages are connected to the oversized heat sinks at the housing sides via a massive block of copper which guarantees the best heat abortion and dissipa- tion. The driver stages, however, are located on a separate internal heat sink. This keeps wide temperature fluctuations of the power stage heat sinks from affecting the operating points of the driver stages.

Internaliring for the power supply of the amplification stages and the signal transfer to the speaker terminals of the 032 consists of 10 mm2 high-purity copper wire. This makes sure that the high currents of the power amplifier reach the massive output binding posts without loss. For the signal-carrying conductors we consciously did not use copper rails, which have become all the rage recently, to avoid for example any unwanted micro phonic effects


The sound of the 032 has been highly praised for its warm musicality yet detailed imaging. The 032 is second to none in its capability to draw minute musical details from the world’s best speakers even at very high volume levels.


The 032 is already prepped for future home theater applications. It offers a home theater through-put circuit which bypasses the preamp-section and routes signals directly to the power amp. In the future, this through-put can also be controlled by the new Burmester Link interface

The 032 offers a great variety of hook-ups. A PRE OUT terminal allows it to drive another power amp or connect to other audio setups to enable a central control of volume levels. Intelligent control circuits offer a plethora of programmable settings:
Balance in 120 steps (!)

Tone controls for treble and bass (can be completely switched off)
Balance (can be completely switched off)
Wake-up volume: initial volume programmable between 0 and max. 20 or at the last volu- me setting before shutting down
Adjustment of individual inputs between +/- 9dB
Master and Link on/off function for home theater applications
Display on/off


Balanced design throughout as in all Burmester components
Input stages in proprietary X-Amp technology (Class A)
Low overall negative feedback
Completely DC-coupled without distorting capacitors in the signal path Oversized power supply delivers high current

Effortless control of any speaker due to the high damping factor over the entire range, even at high frequencies
Stable at any load over the entire frequency range
Massive binding posts for speaker cables (use only spade lugs!)

Remote on/off switching in connection with Burmester pre-amps and D/A converters with variable output (remote control current: 10V DC)
Integrated protection circuit outside of the signal path monitors the 032 during operation for overheating, DC offset and overloading

5 inputs, three of which are balanced
Head phones jack at the rear panel
Tone controls (can be switched off)
Home theater pass-through
Adjustable pre-sets: Input sensitivity, output level, wake-up volume, Includes hand-held metal remote control

Pre-amplifier output

Specifications : Burmester 032 Integrated Amplifier

Dimensions (WxHxD): Weight:
Rated power output: Continuous peak current: Dampingfactor: Signal-to-noise ratio: Input sensitivity: Frequency response:


482 mm x 216 mm x 482 mm app. 36 kg
Stereo: 2 x 171 W (4Ω)
30 A

>81 dB adjustable 0-200kHz (-3dB)


4 selected power transistors per channel
Rise time (stereo/mono): 1,4 μs an 4/8 Ω load

1,9 μs an 1 Ω load
Oversized power supply with 90.000 μF filter capacity and 600 VA toroidal transformer.


Standard finish with chrome bracket, engraved triangular chrome name plate, housing in silver anodized. Custom finishes upon request.