Signal Projects Alpha Digital SPDIF


Signal Projects Alpha Digital SPDIF

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Signal Projects Alpha Digital SPDIF Cable

Like Alpha analogue interconnects, all digital cables of the series are based on stranded conductors, made of high purity 99,99997% OFCCI (Oxygen Free Copper with Conductive Impurities).

The first-rate build quality, the excellent specifications and the high purity conductors of Alpha cables, will assist professional and high-end audio electronics to playback recorded events with increased clarity, with neutral dynamics, with balanced response and an excitingly warm and full-bodied sound..

Specifications : Signal Projects Alpha Digital SPDIF

Capacitance AES/EBU (XLR): 22,25 pF/ft

Capacitance S/PDIF (RCA or BNC): 35,70 pF/ft

Resistance: 9,02 mΩ/ft

Inductance: 0,59 μH/ft

Shielding: Aluminium Foil, Braided


Conductor’s Insulation: Polyvinyl


Type: Multi Core

Cross Sectional Area: 0,82mm2

Metals: Copper

Purity: 99,99997%