Signal Projects Lynx Phono 


Signal Projects Lynx Phono

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Signal Projects Lynx Phono Cable

Lynx interconnects feature ultra high purity (6N) copper conductors, with a hybrid structure of two solid-core sections and one stranded section and a specific cross sectional area for analogue and digital cables

All Lynx interconnect cables are double shielded by an aluminium/mylar film and braided copper.

The high purity copper conductors, the high density dielectric materials and the efficient geometry of Lynx interconnect cables will assist audio devices to playback music with natural dynamics, impressive clarity and in the same time with a warm, round, and natural-sized texture, creating that pleasant feeling of being there.

Specifications : Signal Projects Lynx Phono

Capacitance (XLR): 25,78 pF/ft

Capacitance (RCA): 33,80 pF/ft

Resistance: 6,90 mΩ/ft

Inductance: 0,48 μH/ft

Shielding: Braided Copper

Conductor’s Insulation: Polyolefin,


Type: Solid Core

Cross Sectional Area: 3 x 0,59 mm2

Metals: Copper

Purity: 99,99997%