Stillpoints Ultra II


Stillpoints Ultra II

Stillpoints Ultra II : Isolation Foot

Price for one piece

Upgrade your hi-fi system without upgrading a single component!

Stillpoints are isolation devices that sit under your components and loudspeakers, effectively decoupling them from the environment on which they sit.

They are manufactured from ceramics and the highest grade stainless steel available and as a result will last for many lifetimes and see you through countless system upgrades.

By installing Stillpoints under an electronic component like an amplifer (or a speaker) you are effectively eliminating a direct path between the component and whatever surface it sits on and as a result you mechanically lower the noise floor.

By doing this you increase dynamics, heighten transients, increase the amount of air and space resulting in a much more musical and natural presentation. You will get a benefit from just putting Stillpoints under 1 component in your hi-fi, but when you float the entire system a scary thing happens with the presentation. I can’t recall doing a demonstration of Stillpoints which hasn’t resulted in someone being amazed with the results, several incredibly sceptical customers have almost become unofficial brand ambassadors, waxing lyrical about the benefits of Stillpoints online!

Depending on budget it could be more beneficial to ‘float’ your entire system on a less expensive Stillpoint as opposed to throwing all of your budget to Stillpoint one component only. As ever, this depends on the system, your budget and what you like the sound of!

The Ultra 2 has been desgined to fill in the gap between the Ultra SS (£660 or £880 for 3 or 4) and the Ultra 5 (£610 each), they are great value considering you get an Ultra Base included as well which are £60 on their own.

Visually they look similar to an Ultra SS, although they are taller and have an exposed technology pocket on the top (just like the Ultra 6) and another one exposed on the underside. There is no top hat on the Ultra 2, which is why you have the base should you need to make adjustment should your shelf be not perfectly level. With no top hat and the exposed technology pocket the Ultra 2 comfortably outperrms the Ultra SS and in certain situations it will give the Ultra 5 a serious run for its money.

3 x Ultra 2 with Bases installed under a component is brilliant upgrade, I don’t recall doing a demonstration for a customer who hasn’t bought some, they are incredibly effective. lower noise, more resolution, better bass and drive.

The Ultra 2 are available to purchase individually and like the Ultra 6 are only designed to work under electronics, if you are looking to Stillpoint your loudspeakers the Ultra SS or Ultra 5 are the 2 suitable models.

Specifications : Stillpoints Ultra II

The Ultra II follows the legacy of the Ultra 6, incorporating the use of technology pockets on opposing sides of the isolator.  Available in three configurations

Version 1:
Ultra 2 configure with 1/4-20 threaded pad at the bottom and smooth pad at the top only.  No Ultra Base.  (This version is recommended for attachment to ESS grid for supporting components in an ESS rack, or a component stand.)

Version 2:
Ultra 2 configured with 1/4-20 threaded pad at the bottom, smooth pad on the top and comes with an Ultra Base for attachment to the bottom.  (This version would be used to support components placed on the floor or, on another support shelf or rack with a  flat surface.)

Version 3:
Ultra 2 configured with 1/4-20 threaded pads at both top and bottom and an Ultra Base.  (This could be affixed to a component via the top pad with an appropriately sized adapter for the component begin used.  This Ultra 2 version could also be ordered with a Hard Hat for the top.  The Hard Hat will need to be ordered as an extra and priced individually as listed on the price sheet.)

Note:  The Ultra 2 is not recommended for use under loudspeaker.  The preferred supports for loudspeakers are either the Ultra SS or , Ultra 5.